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Corn Products

Quick Facts about Corn

Uses of Iowa Corn Crop

Chart U.S. Corn Usage

World Corn Production

Corn Kernel
A closer look at the composition of a corn kernel.

Corn on the Cob
The Post-Gazette article tells about recent developments in sweet corn.

A Zillion Uses for Corn
Wow…what a list of products that use corn compiled by the Ontario Corn Producers Association

It Begins With A Kernel
Iowa Corn Production Board presents a list of the basic products made from corn.

Uses of Starch
U.S. Department of Agriculture shows a photo of many uses of starch that will surprise you.

What is corn refining?
The Corn Refiners Association presents a brief history of the corn refining industry. This Web site also includes many other links about the corn refining process and products made from corn.

Iowa's Ethanol - Talking Points

USDA Brief Room - Corn

The U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Department of Commerce provide useful statistical information on corn refining and products made from corn.

Books to Read - Corn Harvesting, Farm to Market

Corn Refining and Grain Dust Perils

Corn Part of a Global Economy

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