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News about Corn Production

Economic and Research Issues

Farm Marketing
Iowa State University's Web site describes a number of farm economy issues.

National Corn Growers Association
This Web site has links including business, news, government, and research and development.


Iowa Corn Growers Association
Iowa is the number one corn producing state in the United States. Check this Web site for the latest news, markets and weather.

Corn Refiners Association

Iowa State University Extension Service - The Latest News

Iowa Farmer Today Online

@griculture Online
Agriculture news, discussion and information

Voice of Agriculture
Farm Bureau

U.S. Department of Agriculture

Minnesota Corn Growers Association
Lists current news about breakthroughs in value-added products made from corn.

Crops - Corn
University of Minnesota Extension Service mega Web site on corn

Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.
Provides links to the latest biotech issues

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