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Historical Information on Corn

Archaeology of Maize
Provides studies on the history of maize

The History of Corn

Introduction to Black Hawk's Narrative

Black Hawk's Narrative of the Yearly Cycle of the Sauk and Mesquakie Tribes

An Introduction to the History of Corn

Indian Corn
Includes an overview of the importance of corn to the diet of the woodland Indians of the Northeast

Provides an interesting history of maize with links to other information related to the history of corn

Native American History of Corn
An interesting illustrated history of corn that identifies its origin and Indian crafts made from the corn plant

Presents the history of corn in Latin America

Beyond Turkey: Corn Shaped History, Cuisines
Relates the history of corn to the development of our dietary tradition

Corn and the Powhatan
A history of corn as written by Chief Roy Crazy Horse of the Powhatan Renape Nation

American Corn
Provides the history corn and the distinct common types found today

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