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Photograph and Art Collections

The Northern Great Plains
The site provides information about two collections from the Institute for Regional Studies at North Dakota State University in Fargo, ND. The collection contains 900 photos of rural and small town life. It also lists special presentations that deal with farm implements and North Dakota Historical overviews.

Drawing Self-Scouring Steel Plow

American Gothic by Grant Wood

The Story of the American Gothic
An interpretation that includes comments about the pitchfork in the painting.

Breaking the Prairie by Grant Wood

Stone City

Fall Plowing by Grant Wood

Gallery of Grant Wood's Works
Paintings at the University of Virginia American Studies Program

19th-Century Women of the Plains & Prairies
Hands of pioneer women tell the story of their triumphs and sorrows on the prairies of 19th century America. Artwork by Carol V. Gray

PBS: Not for Ourselves Alone - Photo Gallery
Imagine what it was like to be a kid 100 years ago, and you write the captions

Archives of the West - PBS
Homesteaders in the 1880's

The Fred Hultstrand History in Pictures Collection
Reflects the changing times from the late 1880s to the first half of the twentieth century. Includes images of the people, the buildings, the social scenes, and the technology during the frontier era.

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