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Pioneers--Looking a Little Closer

Field Trips In Iowa

Living History Farms - Urbandale, Iowa
Learn the amazing story of how Iowans transformed fertile prairies into the most productive farmland in the world. Visit the 1700 Ioway Indian village, the 1850 pioneer farm, the 1875 frontier town of Walnut Hill, and the 1900 horse-powered farm.

Effigy Mounds National Monument - Harpers Ferry, Iowa
The monument preserves a representative and outstanding example of a significant phase of the prehistoric American Indian mound building culture.

Henry A. Wallace Country Life Center
Greenfield, Iowa
The Henry A. Wallace Country Life Center is the birthplace farmstead of Henry A. Wallace. Includes various exhibits about Wallace's diverse achievements, community supported agriculture, a restored prairie, pond, and woodland. Students can learn about the great achievements of Wallace, who served as U.S. Vice President, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, U.S. Secretary of Commerce and founder of Pioneer Hi-Bred International.

Old Capitol Museum - Iowa City
Old Capitol has a colorful and varied past. It served as third capitol of the Territory of Iowa, from 1842 until 1846 and as first capitol of the State of Iowa, from 1846 to 1857.

The University of Iowa Museum of Natural History - Iowa City, Iowa Walk through a billion years of Iowa's natural history in the Iowa Hall gallery, featuring dramatic dioramas including a Meskwaki village, a nine-foot-tall giant Ice Age sloth and the bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River.

Usher's Ferry Historic Village Seminole Valley Park - Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Take a step back in time to a small Iowa town at the turn of the century.

Seminole Valley Farm in Seminole Valley Park - Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Seminole Valley Farm Museum is a restored 1900-era family farm with outbuildings and history exhibits. It is a re-creation of horse-powered farming in the years of 1900-1910.

Pioneer Heritage Museum - Marengo, Iowa
See authentic log cabin, pioneer home, schoolroom, depot and historical artifacts.

Herbert Hoover National Historic Site - West Branch, Iowa
Visit the small cottage where Hoover was born in 1874, a blacksmith shop similar to the one owned by his father, the first West Branch schoolhouse, and the Friends Meetinghouse where the Hoover family worshipped. Also located on the grounds are the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library-Museum, the gravesites of President and Mrs. Hoover, and a 76-acre tallgrass prairie.

Danish Immigrant Museum - Elk Horn
Trace the immigration of the Danes to America, and explore the arts and culture.

The History Center - Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Visit the core exhibit at The History Center, "Living Along the Tributaries." Experience the feel of an archaeological excavation, the marking of a surveyor's town platting and the music of immigrant settlers.

Laura Ingalls Wilder Park & Museum, Burr Oak, Iowa
This nationally recognized landmark is the only childhood home remaining on its original site.

Cedar Rapids Museum of Art
View works by Grant Wood

Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum, Decorah, Iowa
Visit exhibits designed around the Norwegian immigrant theme, from life in Norway, through the Atlantic crossing, to life in America, with complete Norwegian and pioneer homes.

National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library - Cedar Rapids, Iowa
The performing arts, religion, political history, language and immigrant experiences are just some of the topics visitors will learn about in Homelands: The Story of the Czech and Slovak People. Visitors can also tour the Museum's restored immigrant home.

John Deere Pavilion - Moline, Illinois
John Deere's vision of building a superior plow to till the land changed the shape of agriculture forever. The exhibits tell the story of farming from 1830 to the year 2000, including details about how farms operated during that period of time and what machinery and equipment were used.

Grout Museum of History and Science - Waterloo, Iowa
The collection now includes 50,500 items such as tools, house wares, furniture, farm equipment, clothing, quilts, and American Indian and early pioneer artifacts. Amid a log cabin, tool shed, blacksmith shop, carpenter shop, and general store, museum visitors glimpse pioneer life in Eastern Iowa.

State Historical Society of Iowa Museum - Des Moines, Iowa
Permanent Display: "You Gotta Know the Territory"
Examines Iowa's early years as a territory (1838-1846). Explore native cultures, immigration, farming, town life and human rights. Push a plow, carry water buckets with a shoulder yoke, and watch a video that narrates the diary of people moving to Iowa.


NE Iowa Field Trip Guide
Provides Pre-Field Trip Administrative, Logistical and Instructional Checklists, and suggestions to help enhance student experiences during and after field trips. Includes examples of learning activities to enhance field trip experiences such as fish bone, concept webs, decision wheel, KWL charts, and matrix sheets. Includes lesson ideas applied specifically to historic and cultural sites within the four-county area of northeast Iowa.


  For Teachers:
Teacher's Overview Quick Facts Pioneer Homes
Scavenger Hunt Life as a Pioneer History Detective
Mystery Photo
Pioneer Library bulletNational Standards
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