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Inventory  List for Jay Sigmund Trunk 18. Red star engine and thresher 17. Photo of full potato wagon 16. Usher family collecting potatoes 15. Beulah harvesting potatoes 14. Beulah shocking oats 13. Beulah operating the binder 12. Horse-drawn cultivator 11. Horse-drawn manure spreader 19. Threshing crew 5. Students of Stoney Point 1. Mary and Henry P. Usher Wedding 2. Florence and Beulah Usher 6. Florence and Beulah with the sheep wagon 7. Florence and Beulah going to school 3. Map - Usher Farm 4. Stoney Point School 9. Beulah as Red Cross Volunteer in Iowa City 8. Henry P. Usher, Beulah, Florence and their 10. Beulah driving a four-horse team




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