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The Curators at Work...1912 Letter - George B. Douglas Correspondence

Santa Barbara

Why was the Douglas family in Santa Barbara, California?

March. 3, 1912

Dear Claire:

Your telegram giving February results was received yesterday. I am very much pleased over it. The figures are better than I expected. I am wiring you tonight saying that report is highly satisfactory. Also to advise Whipple that we will write him regarding the K.C. property next week. This means when I get back.

We will go over the matter then and make a new proposition.

I think you all in the office are deserving of congratulations because of the good February business. I know you have done your share to contribute to the favorable showing and I want to thank you for your careful and conscientious work. That is what counts for success.

I gave Chicago a check today for $1000.00 and send my Cedar Rapids National check herewith to offset same.

How does $1000 in 1912 compare with today? What could you purchase with that much money then?

As previously advised I will be in Chicago on Friday at 11 A.M. or so. If anything develops so you may wish to communicate with me, write or wire to the Chicago Club. I will probably go home at 10 A.M. Saturday morning arriving that afternoon.

By what means was George B. Douglas traveling?

Yours truly
Geo. B. Douglas

(Written to Claire W. Bloomhall, Office Manager at Douglas & Company)

* This letter has been edited slightly to make it more readable for 21st century readers. The challenges of transcribing a handwritten letter include changes in spelling, punctuation and usage.


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